Make It New uses the MLA format for its contributions.



Please follow the conventions below:


  •             please use comma before “and” in a list of three or more items.
  •             please insert commas inside quotation marks.



            please use period inside quotation marks and before endnote marks.


colons and semicolons

            please put colons and semicolons after quotation marks.


quotation marks

            use double quotation marks to quote material.

            use simple quotation marks to quote within a larger quotation.



Make It New uses American style referencing:

1. in-text short reference;

2. endnotes

3. List of works cited.


1. in-text short reference.

Please insert your reference on the following model: (Author name page number). If the cited author has several titles in the List of Works Cited, include the year of publication.

Ex. (Sieburth 15)

Works cited will contain the full citation of the work:

Sieburth, Richard. A Walking Tour in Southern France. Ezra Pound among the Troubadours. New York: New Directions,1992.Print.

If the name of the author is already mentioned in the paragraph and the attribution is clear, we don’t need to put his name in brackets:

Ex. Sieburth maintained that Pound had reached Clermont Ferrand in July 1912 (150).

For in-text citations of the works of Ezra Pound, please use the abbreviations in the list published on the Make It New website.

Ex: Pound even complained to Felix Schelling that people had confused him with Mauberley the way they had confused Eliot with Prufrock (L 180).

For references to The Cantos, use canto number in Roman numerals/page number in the edition you are using.

Ex: “And thou shalt not, Firenze 1766” (XLIV/223).

Works cited:

Pound, Ezra. The Cantos. New York: New Directions, 1998. Print.


2. Endnotes. Please do not use endnotes for bibliographic citations but only for additional information. Keep endnotes to a minimum.


3. List of Works Cited.


Sieburth, Richard. A Walking Tour in Southern France. Ezra Pound among the Troubadours. New York: New Directions,1992. Print.


  • in journals

Sieburth, Richard. “In Pound We Trust: The Economy of Poetry/The Poetry of Economics.” Critical Inquiry 14.1 (1987): 142-172. Print.

  • in collections:

Bacigalupo, Massimo. “Yeats and Pound: A Poetics of Excess and Pastiche.” Will the Modernist: Shakespeare and the European Historical Avant-Gardes. Eds. Giovanni Cianci and Caroline Patey. Bern: Peter Lang, 2014. 21-37. Print.


For further help with referencing please consult English Language Bibliography on Ezra Pound on the Ezra Pound Society site, since it offers models for a large number of cases.

The link to the current year is free access on the society homepage.