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Make It New takes the form of a digital quarterly, published within the society website and available exclusively to members. It is designed to follow the round of the events and activities in which the society traditionally participates: the cycle of conferences in USA and Europe as well as its book and article awards.

The magazine includes focus articles/reports on the relevant conferences and also abstracts of conference presentations. Conference information will also be available on the society website in free access.

It contains reviews of all recent publications in Pound studies, including those that are not considered for the award (like conference proceedings, multiple contribution volumes, new editions of Pound’s poetry, monographs in foreign languages, translations). Additionally the magazine includes summaries of chapters on Pound in books about modernism in a more general sense – these are particularly important as re-contextualizations of his work from the perspective of new emergent fields and topics in modernist studies.

The editors follow the articles published on Pound for the current year and publish summaries, even if the articles are not derived from the submissions to conference panels organised by the society.

The magazine includes portraits of prominent Pound scholars as a way to outline a tradition in the field and establish the axes of reference in our discipline.

All members and non-members can contribute notifications of all sorts: books they published, courses they taught, as well as personal websites they put up.

The magazine includes reports on locations significant for Pound studies. Creative work in the form of poems, music, image, multimedia is welcome.

Make It New takes over this repertoire of information from the tradition of its long-established journal Paideuma, to whose creativity, scholarly energy and inventiveness this publication is indebted. It seeks to honor its founding members and fosters a sense of continuity in our community of Poundians.

If you would like to submit an article, please be advised that since Make It New is a scholarly magazine and not a journal, it cannot publish academic essays in the hermeneutic tradition.

However, it can publish texts in a broad palette of other genres whose depth of information can and often does provide an invaluable support to research: reviews, research reports, bibliographies, travelogues, testimonials, portraits and interviews are just a few examples.

To contribute to the magazine, please contact the managing editor through the contact form on this website. Other possibilities, include writing to the society at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and/or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please format your text in MLA 7 Style. Style-sheet and List of Abbreviations are available on this website.